In July 2020, Hasan Ozan Soğukpınar completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.
Considering he is a new graduate, he has several impressive accomplishments.

3x Salesforce Certified Professional
– Salesforce Trailblazer with over 225 badges and 194 000 points on Trailhead.
 Strong fundamentals of Computer Science
An internship at Denmark Company in Copenhagen
 A fully open-source senior project about cryptoanalysis, which can be found in GitHub

While he was in the process of deciding his future path, he met with Salesforce at BFlow. After working with the lowest level programming languages for academic purposes (such as his senior project), he was immediately attracted to Salesforce. A good platform is the one that lets you concentrate on the business logic and it handles the rest, and Salesforce is exactly that!

He is holding a growing number of badges in Salesforce Trailhead and aiming to get hundreds more.

All in all, it is safe to say that Ozan is going to work with Salesforce for a long time.


Boris Gichev has over 7 years of experience in the IT field. He has worn many different hats related to Developing and Administering CRM and ERP systems.

Currently he is:
5x Salesforce Certified Professional
– Salesforce Trailblazer with over 720 badges and 357 000 points on Trailhead.

In his 2 years of software development experience he used mainly Java and PHP, before discovering the super developer abilities, which the Salesforce platform gives. Because of previous 3 years’ long experience as CRM administrator he could fully appreciate the beauty and flexibility of Salesforce.

It took him finishing his Master’s degree in civil engineering to realize how much he enjoys automating processes and solving problems. At the end of the day,  that is what is pushing him forward.